No two people are alike , not surprisingly the happiness coaching is going to suit your desires and your lifestyle in an entirely unique way and though there is a core structure to the work there is a flexibility that is a key element to the coaching giving you time to simply talk when that feels important to you. There is no “right way” to be happy and no one has a monopoly of what works  yet there are a number of principles or bases that inevitably support everyone, these essentially cover body, mind and spirit and by spirit I mean our sense of why we get up in the morning to do what we love to do, the sense of directional purpose we have in our life. Body is normally where we begin on the ten week program and that is split into eat well, sleep well and regular exercise. Mind is the main part of the whole process,dealing with changing how we think starting by using mindfulness to watch what our thinking is doing and then slowly building patterns that move the thinking to a positive mentality

Essentially I offer three formats to happiness coaching and one format for counselling.

The Ten Week Structured

This is our best selling and life changing coaching course that is internationally renowned and highly praised as genuinely changing lives and helping to support people to become self-sufficient with their own health and well-being.

Many people look for objects in life outside of themselves to make sure they stay happy, like a lock looking for a key to fit and bring to them the happiness that they have been looking for, a job or partners or drugs or sex or food, in fact anything that can become addictive. Yet when that person or job etc changes or disappears all together the ability to sustain that happiness disappears too and can leave people falling without knowing how to pick themselves up.

This ten week polished and much sort after course makes sure that the basis of all support begins within us and not from outside of us. It looks to encourage the growth from within, both physically by creating achievable exercise routines and a healthy regular diet and to secure a confident psychology  that grows healthy patterns of thought and a framework of thinking that sustains healthy levels of happiness.

This course is at a basic rate of £300 for all ten weeks. Some free places are on offer for local causes, and no one is turned away on the basis of cost, so please call up and talk to us. If you feel you already have confidence in your all round body health but perhaps want support in what direction you want to take in life and how to think positively to get there, we run modules in all theree, body mind and spirit, and they can be taken individually or added to one another. The sessions are usually  one hour Skype contact sessions each week  (preferably by Skype though it is possible by phone and if local to UK TS12 we can use our office if you want face to face.

The first hours consultation is currently being offered as promotion for free and you can find out easily through an initial conversation which type of structure would most help and support you at this point in your life.

Call today if you are interested to explore, be aware of your self defense that may find reasons to put off self-challenge and making a real change until another day.  You have very little to loose by taking up the offer of the free hour session and you may have a lot to gain for yourself and for the people who live around you.

The Second offering is

The Ten Week Loose Structure

This course essentially follows the Structured Ten Week yet does not stick to the course in a hard and fast way, it allows the client to come with whatever is present for them on that day and to be able to talk that through and to use the hour in a way that is essentially chosen by the client.  There is still an interest to cover all the core principles, yet the client will decide how they spend their time.

The costs are the same as the Ten Week Structured Course

The third offer

Individual sessions

As this sounds this is where a person may feel that they have good balance in most areas of their life but they would like some individual sessions on areas they would like to improve, either individual sessions or multiple sessions on specific topics.

The potential topics will be within the same framework as the Ten Week Structured and will include the holistic approach of mind body spirit and the overall happiness philosophy. This essentially includes becoming aware of critical thinking and learning to replace critical patterns of thought with patterns of appreciation thinking. Food and nutrition. Regular exercise. Sleep and relaxation, including calming techniques and meditation. Healthy sexual balance, learning to be open and honest with oneself and ones partner or partners and finding a healthy level of allowing oneself what we sexually enjoy. Poisons and addictive behaviours. Language and creating a healthy story of the reality we choose to experience.

The cost for the individual sessions are £40. There are concession places and there is always room to maneuver once you explain your situation, so please do talk to me.

Counselling sessions

These are offered both as skype sessions and face to face at our offices that provide a quiet and safe space. (Saltburn by the Sea TS12)  Please feel free to call up and inquire if this is what is required by you at this time, your conversation is entirely confidential as agreed by my professional code of conduct.

Cost £40 per hour

(please enquire about cost of continued sessions)


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