An author and facilitator of groups and private clients for more than twenty years, a leader in the world of feeling good and living well, originally trained as a coach and as a person centered counsellor in London and believe in continuing to challenge myself with new trainings to keep myself sharp and continually learning.

My passion is in supporting people and creating structure in flexible ways to suit each person uniquely to discover their own balance towards a high achieving and happy path through life.

Following success working with substance misuse clients in rehabilitation centers and counselling people from all walks of life from children to teenagers up to mature adults I have gained a great diversity of experience since the 1990’s. The last six or seven years have seen me including motivating youth training through group discussion,  motivational interviewing, and outdoor pursuits.

At forty five years of age and following a highly successful career coaching in London I have come to believe in the essential value of structure and the power of holding a “positive philosophy” for all clients as a unifying force.  These well established principles seem to help people regardless of their situation to regain control of their lives by reducing stress and increasing contentment through focusing on what they have to appreciate and value in their lives and learning to criticise ourselves and others less. This key theme is backed by numerous complimentary techniques and exercises, enabling the participants of sessions to have fun along the way as well as gaining invaluable tools and creating the time and safety to explore their past.

The highly successful coaching company that delivers motivational talks and structures for corporate clients (, has quickly expanded and Happy Green Blue Eyes is the individual coaching arm of this that I run in the North East of the UK.

In the last year I have handed some of the corporate responsibilities over and have begun to focus more on the individual life coaching and counselling since moving up to be with my fiancé.  Each month brings a new appreciation of the people and the area around Saltburn, (near Middlesbrough), in all it’s natural beauty and I am relishing the new challenge and the friendly people and  noticeable less rain than living further west.

The targets philosophy moves more and more back to your success around balance and wellness  that you know on a deep level is within you, and that you deserve to be living.

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