What is life coaching?

Life coaching is fundamentally a generic term for support within the multiple areas of your life all at once, from psychological organisation and stability, food intake, exercise, sexual balance and the extra individual aspects you bring.

What will really determines if this is for you is if you are ready to work with someone else to get the best balance you can from yourself?

This may sound easy and perhaps obvious but many people would often rather struggle through on their own or rely on the back up they normally rest on, rather than to reach out to try something new.

The first conversation is a free call and has no obligations at all attached so if you would like to you can find out how it feels to you and if the support offered is going to match the kind of support you are looking for.

In general choosing a life coach is about discover the style they are offering and seeing if you find a connection and someone you feel you can work with.

Most of us use only a small part of our potential, and skilled people can allow you to open that up until you can see and feel the difference and it shows up as real changes in your life.

Direct counselling differs from life coaching because it is often about holding fairly strongly defined parameters where the counsellor is not strictly asking direct questions but is instead asking open questions, such as “and what would you like to do now you have that information…”. (though once trained you can within limits break this boundary and integrate other approaches, but it remains a much tighter realm of exploration generally than life coaching).

The style of counselling that I am trained in is called person-centered, which means that we go very much at a client led pace. I have used this training as the base of my practice and have added many years of further trainings and personal development that give me new skills and techniques that work in the unique ways that individuals require.

I essentially look at patterns of behaviour and reflect back what patterns have been learnt by the client and when they are sufficiently aware of their own patterns I then ask the questions and make suggestions where appropriate about how they would like to be project themselves into their future, at which point we both co-create a structure of practical steps to work from to achieve that aim.

My style aims to create a light-hearted yet professional relation, and therefore an enjoyable personal connection.

The essentially aim of the whole process in my style is to create far greater self awareness, confidence and success, through consciously choosing a new direction while you feel compassionately supported and  all this adds up to a focus on a happier experience of being alive.

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