As a person centred counsellor in London in the 1990’s working with clients from all backgrounds, ages and walks of life I gravitated towards substance misuse clients in rehabilitation centres. These were people who were often ready for change and it was a fantastic training for me providing counselling services and facilitating groups. This diversity and wealth of experience supporting rough sleepers as well as those in transitional care from prison or from care into independent accommodation was a great privilege. Those years were the basis for the flexible formula that I have now established as the health and happiness philosophy and the practice that is grounded in physical wellness first.

My passion is in supporting others who are willing and ready to bring more enjoyment and satisfaction into their lives and who are ready to get up and change their daily habits.

The principles of health and happiness are to support everyone from those with serious drug issues to those with eating disorders and weight issues, sexual addictions and any other forms that relate to self esteem.

The principles work for anybody who wants to raise their well-being levels  and essentially gives take-away tools to support healthy eating, retaining calmness and getting fit. From there it is about working on the psychology and the philosophy that trains us to think in a positive way and to appreciate what we have.

Life Is Great. A film about staying positive on a journey.

Radio Interview – The Happiness Coach Live on Air

The highly successful coaching company that delivers motivational talks and structures for corporate clients (Freedombridge.co.uk), has quickly expanded and Happy Green Blue Eyes is the individual coaching arm that is run from the North East of the UK.

Each month brings a new appreciation of the people and the area around Saltburn, (near Middlesbrough), in all it’s natural beauty.

I travel throughout England coaching and delivering talks that empower client groups and staff teams, such as the Princes Trust. Inspirational talks about the value of staying focused on a positive philosophy and keeping the body well.

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