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Life coaching or counselling is the basis upon which you build all that you do so that you can feel good in yourself whatever you choose your life to be. What value is there in achieving much materially but not being nice to live with or not feeling good within yourself? I support you with your vision to see clearly what you want and to plan ahead with well crafted support that has been proven to be  highly effective and life-changing over many years for many clients throughout the world.

At Happy Green Blue Eyes I have a track record of success that adapts to your chosen direction and your specific desire to achieve. What you end up with is a more healthy body and a clarity about why you live as you do and how to sustain feeling good regardless of the direction you next take in your life and inevitable if you feel better in yourself it will make you more enjoyable to live with whoever you are.

Some areas I have high level experience of working with are body issues, stress, weight, confidence and sexual challenges, substance issues from smoking to Heroin and prescription drugs, mild to relatively extreme levels of depression and low level happiness or low satisfaction and motivation levels.

If you are in any doubt feel free to phone up for an informal consultation conversation and take advantage of the offer, see the variety of sessions that might best suits what is right for you and what kind of life you are wanting to live in your future.

I look forward to beginning something new with you if you so choose.

Kendal Aitken BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)


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