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Health & Happiness Coaching

I offer both structured courses and individual coaching sessions to suit each individual client. These can be done face to face or over Skype and each session lasts for one hour.

Each person is different and I offer a free hour long consultation to discuss your requirements and find the right option for you, as well as to answer any questions you may have.

There is no one “right way” to be happy and what we focus on will depend on your current lifestyle, beliefs and preferences.. I work with a number of core principles which focus on physical health, mental wellbeing and the sense of purpose and fulfilment in life. I provide tools and suggestions for transformation; like a boat changing course by a fraction of a degree and ending up in a totally different place in its journey over a long period of time, a small change made today can grow into a lifelong benefit.

Essentially I offer three formats to happiness coaching and one format for counselling.

Individual Sessions

The individual sessions are less structured and suit those who want to explore particular aspects of their lives in more depth. It is useful both to those who want one or two sessions to explore a particular area of health & wellbeing, as well as to those who want to spend longer and work through one particular area, or all of them, at a slower pace. These sessions also work well for those who have completed the 10 week programme as many clients greatly value the regular follow-up sessions that support their continued progression. Others find the sessions are an opportunity to dive deeper and really explore some area of themselves that they have not previously explored in this way.

Ten Week Programme

The 10 week programme is the most popular course and is suitable for all those who are interested in exploring health & wellbeing in a holistic way, through focusing on Body, Mind and Spirit. These can also be split into individual modules. The fast pace of the course helps to more easily identify areas in your life that you would like to focus on more, as well as being packed with practical suggestions for achieving greater health and wellbeing.

In Body the emphasis is on eating well, exercising, sleeping well and being able to relax and stay calm in all situations. In Mind we build on this by exploring practical ways for dealing with stress and learning to think in a positive way. This is done by learning mindfulness techniques which can enable us to become more aware of our thought processes. Once this has been covered, we move on to ways to overcome any unwanted old patterns of behaviour and build more desirable ones that serve us well. We start to look at the philosophy of happiness which overlaps with the last module, Spirit. This area looks at our sense of purpose, fulfilment and direction in life in a wider context.  

Individual Modules  (Blocks of sessions each a few weeks long – see below for details)

The individual modules of Body, Mind and Spirit would suit those individuals who are wanting to focus on exploring a particular aspect of health and wellbeing to benefit them. These are slightly slower paced than the 10 week course, allowing more time to go deeper into each area.


This Module is four weeks long and would mostly suit those who want to focus on improving their physical health. We look at diet and how to better nourish and cleanse the body, the benefits of regular exercise and the importance of relaxation and sleeping well. I can help to identify areas in your diet and exercise regime where you could make changes and we work out a realistic and comprehensive plan of what would work for you. I also teach techniques to help you to relax in a stressful situation, or simply how to relax in day to day life; as well as suggestions and tools for a deeper sleep.


This Module is six weeks long and would mostly suit those who want to learn to overcome anxiety, depression or simply to feel happier in their lives. Many people look for something outside of themselves in order to ‘make’ them happy, such as a career, money, drugs, sex, food or being in a relationship; most of which can become addictive or co-dependent. This means that the person’s happiness is often dependent on having that thing which ‘makes’ them feel good, often without them even realising it. We explore in greater depth how to find this happiness within ourselves; all of us have it and it is a matter of learning how to access it by lessening and removing the internal blocks which we construct of guilt, anxiety, shame, anger and depression. We explore mindfulness and learn to be more aware of our thought processes; we then go on to delve deeper into the philosophy of happiness in order to be able to start to remove some of the above blocks by changing our thought processes. This is a big topic and in six weeks you will receive some key take away tools that will serve you well for the rest of your life when practiced on a regular basis.


This Module is three weeks long and would mostly suit those who are looking for more direction and purpose in their lives. In it we explore what drives and motivates us in our daily life; what our reasons are for getting out of bed in the morning. We explore creating a vision of the life we would like to lead, and ways of getting there. This module also includes discussing ideas of spirituality, inspiration, life purpose and the power of thoughts. Although there is no ‘right’ way of looking at the above, exploring these subjects has proven beneficial to many people and is about the enthusiasm to get up every morning to do what we love to do.

Modules of Body, Mind or Spirit, or combinations

There is still an interest to cover all the core principles, yet the client will decide how they spend their time and can by pass an area they already feel they are proficient in.

Individual sessions

As this sounds this is where a person may feel that they have good balance in most areas of their life but they would like some individual sessions on areas they would like to improve, either individual sessions or multiple sessions on specific topics.

This will continue to be part of the holistic approach of body, mind, spirit and the overall happiness philosophy. This essentially includes becoming aware of critical thinking and learning to replace critical patterns of thought with patterns of appreciation thinking. Food and nutrition. Regular exercise. Sleep and relaxation, including calming techniques and meditation. Healthy sexual balance, learning to be open and honest with oneself and ones partner or partners and finding a healthy level of allowing oneself what we sexually enjoy. Poisons and addictive behaviours. Language and creating a healthy story of the reality we choose to experience.

There are concession places and there is always room to maneuver in individual situations, so please do talk to me.

Counselling sessions

These are offered both as skype sessions and face to face at our offices that provide a quiet and safe space. (Saltburn by the Sea TS12) Please feel free to call up and inquire if this is what is required by you at this time, your conversation is entirely confidential as agreed by my professional code of conduct.


(please enquire about cost of continued sessions)

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