In 2014 I started to raise money while solo cycle touring around England. 2400 miles later having wild camped around the coast I arrived back where I started. (if you are interested to see how that went there are some videos on the home page).

This year I continue, the aim is to complete Scotlan solo and wild camping to circumnavigate the country for charity.

For me one of  my own challenges to stay healthy and happy while I go through the journey.

You have no idea how much your support means to me, it keeps me feeling as though people care, it warms my heart on the days that feel cold and your support really adds to the feeling that it is all worth it.

This time I go in the April more than 6 hours on a fast train north of here.

Please consider supporting either through donations or some words of support. It is so valued as I go through the long days.

Or click on donate button if you want to give.  Every penny will go directly to the supported people, none will be spent on admin or on any other costs involved.  Thank you again.


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