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Person Centred Counselling accredited by the  BACP

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

My passion is to support people to uniquely discover their own balance towards a high achieving life of happiness. This is done through creating a healthy body, a healthy lifestyle and a positive philosophy that works together to create a long term powerful well-being.

Who would say “no” to better health and at least a little more happiness? Say “YES” and feel the difference!

“Happy healthy people don’t just enjoy life more; they live longer and feel better”


In 1998, the American Psychological Association expanded the mission of psychological science to include what makes life worth living – living our lives in a more positive emotional state makes us more creative, more resilient, healthier and more successful at everything we do.  Increasing our positive emotions can transform us from a languishing state of “getting by” to truly thriving in our health, careers and relationships.

More successIn the workplace, happier people and happier teams show improvement on every measurable business outcome – from productivity and profitability, to sales, customer satisfaction and 360º evaluations.

HealthHappier people live longer, get sick less and recover more quickly.

Broadened mindBeing happier widens the span of possibility making happier people more creative, receptive to new ideas and more able to see the big picture.  Positivity brings curiosity and draws you out to explore and try new things, which leads to more learning and growth.

Better relationshipsHappier people have more and deeper connections with other people

ResilienceTough things happen to all of us.  Happier people are able to bounce back more quickly and are more likely to find benefit through the challenges that they face.

InfectiousnessPositive emotions are infectious.  Happier people make their family and friends happier.  They leave a wake of smiles and better outlooks wherever they go. 

Science Magazine

What Our Past Participants Say

“I learnt the simple ways that I can make changes and now I am happier in my life, excellent experience, I would recommend it”

Jane Holland , 2014

“Kendal has a calm and patient way with people, that is supportive and insightful in a way that I have never experienced before, my whole family has benefited from what I have gained”

Jon Grasey , 2015

“Kendal created a really safe space for getting a clear picture of my life and helped me see what I have and appreciate it much more”

Jack Crammer , 2014

“I learnt that I have spent far too much of my life being unhappy and I’ve now learnt some very helpful techniques to simplify and enjoy my life more”

Leslie Cranfield , 2013

“I found the ten week course of great benefit and I think anybody who is open to it and willing to make changes in their life will feel refreshed by Kendal’s view on life and how we can enjoy it so much more”

Sarah Jane Riley, 2012

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